Aspen Spring Flooring

supports ecology

We know the importance of how we treat the environment which surrounds us.

Forests provide a haven for thousands of species of animals and plants, protect the soil against erosion and their beneficial influence on all of us cannot be overestimated.

Thanks to all the trees we can breathe fresh air.


Solid floor made of pure raw materials - 100% real wood of the most perfect species. Unique, artisanal woodworking methods give them a totally unique character. Higher than standard width with clearly marked edges. Subtle earthy tones and natural wood structure highlighted by natural oils or matte lacquer. Our wood floors are healthier, pleasantly warm to the touch and do not electrify nor attract dust or mites.
They are a perfect solution for allergy sufferers.

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The Aspen Spring flooring is a creative combination of large size, a spirit colors and natural beauty. It is made not from three layers of real wood arranged in a cross structure. The cross construction reduces natural tension and compression of wood, provides a balance between the layers of the board, and guarantees the stability of the floor. Thanks to the use of a cross structure, the floors are perfectly suited for use over water or electric underfloor heating. Amazing strength. Multilayer flooring with a precise cross layer construction guarantees unbelievable durability and strength. Use of traditional woodworking methods and natural raw materials means that they are also recommended for people susceptible to allergies.

100% wood

Solid construction

A floor resistant to changes in temperature and humidity

Possible to lay over underfloor heating, thanks to its layered cross structure


Aspen Spring laminate floor reflects current trends in interior architecture and industrial design.” Works excellently even in heavily used rooms. The surface of the floor is easy to keep clean and maintain. Resistant to food stains. Quick and simple installation and the floor is ready for use immediately after installation.

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Our climate is a real challenge for the floor. Natural wood’s moisture content will fluctuate depending on the weather outside. For this reason, it sometimes occurs that traditional wood floors swell, squeak or dry out causing splits. Vinyl flooring guarantees unbelievable durability and strength. Vinyl board can be installed quick and simple and the floor is ready for use immediately after installation. It a perfect product for kitchens, bathrooms, basements, restaurants, clubs, hotels or fitness centers.



The inspiration behind our floors were the people met during a journey along the trail of mountains. Their stories led to the creation of a collection which transports the best traditions of the past, living with nature and passion into the present. The Aspen Spring flooring is a creative combination of high quality woodwork, a spirit colors and natural beauty. Some of our floor are brushed. The texture of brushed wood is discernible to the touch. Our collection is designed for people aware of the power of detail, who know that in an exclusive interior less is more, and that beauty depends of the quality of the raw materials.